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This museum quality USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 model ship is an exact replica of the original vessel. Master craftsmen create the ship's form, which is afterwards sanded and puttied. Then, talented artists diligently paint on all the details of the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 model ship, no matter how big or small. Hand-casted resin and handmade metal parts complete the ship, and clear lacquer provides long-lasting protection. The USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 model ship comes on a handsome display base with brass pedestals and a brass name plate, and has undergone various stages of quality control before being put in its protective wood crate. This museum quality USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 model makes an ideal collectible or gift. This and many other models are available at ModelWorks.
USS Ronald Reagan Model
Military and civilian models seen on this page are just a few of the hundreds of models that can be found at ModelWorks. ModelWorks ( features hand-made wooden models, including military and civilian aircraft, aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, submarines, helicopters, tanks, spacecraft and more. Recommended by!  ModelWorks
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